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A celebration of authenticity and heritage.
With the entry of the sixth generation into the family business, we started again with fashionable outdoor collections. We want to honor the brand's enduring heritage of focusing on elegance and style. We are therefore creating a new loden look by combining fashionable cuts with the highest quality loden. In summer we also only use natural materials. In addition to wool, linen, cotton and silk are mainly used here. 

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With our new capsule collection "Gen Six" we are taking a step in a more fashionable direction, but at the same time remain true to our roots. For more than 170 years, Lodenfrey loden coats have been protecting people from the freezing cold. Our ancestors researched how to make a fabric that was water-repellent and continued to improve it over many years. Loden was the first functional material that was ever developed. Based on sheep's wool, loden has many great properties and our goal, as the sixth generation of the family, is to reinterpret loden in a young and modern way. We're celebrating a revival and honoring the great history of our family and our company. For this reason, the new collection puts Loden in the foreground - and revolves around iconic products from our almost 200-year-old history.
The motto of our work is: To inspire the generations to come.

Antonia & Leo von Pfister: Gen Six von Lodenfrey


Gen Six: Trace the products

Working as sustainably as possible is our contribution to the present and should inspire future generations.
Sustainability and traceability start in the design phase. Before designing the first prototype, we visited several suppliers to see how the fabric is made from the fiber and how each fabric in the collection can perform at its best. We source our materials from Europe and with loden we have a fabric that is functional - and does not use synthetic fibers or microplastics. We manufacture all of our products in Europe in our own factories to guarantee safe working conditions and fair wages.
Here you can find out how and where our products are made .
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