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New loden look

Loden, made from sheep's wool, is the first functional material that was ever developed. The function results from the nature of the wool - without any microplastics.
In 1928 LODENFREY protected the workers who built the railway on the Zugspitze from storms with warm loden coats. Loden, made from sheep's wool, is the first functional material developed and the basis of this collection.
With advanced technology, our loden suppliers are constantly improving the function of the material. The loden has a special finish that keeps out moisture and stains, but does not lose the particularly pleasant feel of the wool. This makes the material suitable for a wide range of applications, which offers perfect protection against any weather and is based on pure new wool.

Our loden

Since the company's success is based on the development of the first water-repellent loden fabric, we use the natural product in many ways. Loden, made from sheep's wool, is the first functional material developed and a material that is functional by nature - without any synthetic fibers.
The loden in our collection comes from producers in Bavaria, Austria and Italy . The Mehler cloth factory in Bavaria is the oldest textile company in Germany and produces durable woolen fabrics. The wool comes from South America, South Africa, New Zealand or from local Bavarian sheep and this is how we ensure that it is mulesing-free.
Leichtfried Loden is a fully integrated wool factory and specializes in the production of the finest loden with 100% certified mulesing-free merino wool from Australian sheep. With the new Acquastop technology, the loden has a water- and stain-repellent finish and still retains its luxurious feel.
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The great role of wool

90% of the textiles produced worldwide can be traced back to synthetic - i.e. petroleum-based - man-made fibers. The practical function and the cheap procurement of the fibers are often in the foreground, while the catastrophic consequences for the environment are neglected: Synthetic materials are neither degradable, nor can they be easily recycled. When choosing fabrics, we largely do without synthetic textiles, but rely on the function of natural fibers and have been using loden for almost 200 years.
The properties of sheep's wool combine more useful properties than most other fabrics: It protects against both cold and heat and is also easy to care for. Loden shows its strengths especially in the outdoor area and thanks to the water-repellent function we can do without synthetic membranes in our products.
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