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A collaboration between sport and fashion

In 1937 people were pulled behind motorbikes on skis for the first time on Lake Zell, the starting point of the SKijöhrings in Zell am See. In 1952 the Dr. Porsche Memorial Skijöhring will take place, which will take place with cars for the first time the following year. As early as 1957, 5000 spectators were watching the daring skiing, motorcycling and driving on the frozen lake. In 1969, the race took place for the first time on a specially prepared ice runway on the airfield, to which over 10,000 fans from all over the world will travel in 2019 to watch what is probably the most spectacular car race on ice for the first time in 45 years. In the following year, the second year under the name GP Ice Race, named after the two new founders and friends, Vinzenz Greger and Ferdi Porsche, Lodenfrey officially took part for the first time. The first official GP Ice Race Janker will be created in 2020 as a result of a cooperation between the Ice Race and Lodenfrey.


It is an unbelievable story as a traditional and family company to witness such a spectacle in the alpine homeland. On a weekend in February, both modern GT and rally vehicles, as well as classics and icons of automotive history, come to the Ice Race! What is on the tunnel can be on the ice. The participants ride in different classes, some even on skis, and prototypes from yesterday and today can show their strength in demonstration laps!

The atmosphere is extraordinary ... friends and freaks of motorsport, celebrities, drivers and organizers, all on the same site, without boxes or seats, without VIP arenas or the like, open racing stables for everyone to visit, exuberant atmosphere, loud amazement, laughing and heated discussions on the edge of the track.

All of this contributes to this event, which has a kind of flair, an aura that is difficult to grasp, almost impossible to describe. You have to experience it first hand, feel how the driver's adrenaline literally jumps over to the fans in the curve. It is a unique feeling that no other manufacturer of automobiles can be ascribed to as Porsche.

Here the name fits the event like a fist on the eye. Porsche, a brand that stands for international class, high-tech and success, for sport and racing, for excitement and adventure, for elegance and style. Born in Stuttgart, at home in the Bavarian and Austrian Alps and unsurpassed in the world. All of that is Porsche. All of this is reflected in this event. The world's top sport gathers here: alongside current racing drivers such as WRC2 champion Jan Kopecky, seven-time German rally champion Matthias Kahle, Porsche works driver Neel Jani, Formula E driver Daniel Abt and multiple Le Mans winner Romain Dumas also living legends like "Striezel" Stuck and Walter Röhrl, while skiing aces like Axel Lund Svindal let themselves be pulled behind the cars. Stars like Mark Webber and David Hasselhoff mingle with the audience, crowded together with all the other fans and onlookers.

That is down-to-earth world class, right here at home. We are extremely proud to be part of this incredible story, because we too try to embody these values. As an alpine manufacturer with almost 200 years of history, we also try to successfully carry these roots and tradition into the world. We at Lodenfrey cannot imagine a better event and a better partner like the team around GP Ice Rave. Therefore, in the first edition, together with Ferdinand and Vinzenz, we created a jacket that is supposed to transport this into the world of clothing. A classic model, interpreted in a sporty way, preserving tradition and refining it with details. A loden jacket to do justice to the region around Zell am See, with the GP logo as a fine embroidery on the sleeve, with a lining in the distinctive light blue of GP, the logo can be seen slightly changing, a sporty cut with an optimal fit and a noble dark blue contrasting stand-up collar. For the first joint event, the perfect jacket was born.


The start of a hopefully long-lasting partnership. Because it continues this year too. Although like everyone else, including the Ice Race, Greger Porsche and Lodenfrey are severely affected and restricted by the pandemic, the organizers of the event have been working diligently in the background. Unfortunately, an event with 10,000 fans was unthinkable. A concept was worked out that allows some action to be taken on the new route and thus to further advance the preparation for 2022. Work is in full swing under the title “Cold Start in 2021”. Fast laps will continue to be turned on ice without spectators. In addition, film and photo recordings take place in order not to withhold the action from the viewer and, above all, new formats are developed for the coming year. Because in the end, it's about giving the spectators a spectacle on site. Hopefully that will be possible again in the coming year. Until then, however, we have brought a common part back on the road. A knitted sweater is born. Hand-knitted in Bavaria, hand-embroidered in Bavaria. Made of the finest wool, with Alcantara patches on the sleeve, the material that usually adorns the interior of cars. With an embroidered snow cat, a Porsche camouflaged on the chest, designed by Jeff Docherty and reflecting the character of the project. The matching hat, made of the same material, also handmade here in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps, adorned with the GP logo. The cooperation GP Ice Race x LODENFREY is also entering the next round. And also diligently plans future projects. So, dear fashion and motorsport fans ... stay tuned!

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