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Drivers Tracht

Connected to motorsport

In the more recent past of the almost 200-year history of LODENFREY, we repeatedly came into contact with the automotive industry and racing. Whether it was the production of motorcycle suits for BMW or the outfitting of racing drivers or the long-standing and extremely successful cooperation with the Bavarian racing legend HRH Leopold Prince of Bavaria, with whom we have had our own collection called “Poldi” for almost ten years now, or the new cooperation with the GP Ice Race, for and with which we have designed jackets and knitwear. And now we would like to introduce you to another cooperation. Together with the Drivers & Business Club Munich, we have created an exclusive Drivers costume for its members. A costume based on the royal English model “by appointment to Prince Poldi”, who is not only the namesake of the collection and honorary member of the Drivers and Business Club Munich, but also stands for this exclusive costume as a trustee. His name symbolizes the connection between motorsport and fashion. Racing fascinates the masses, this mixture between sport, adventure, risk appetite and technology positively electrifies. So we have created a jacket that comes in the colors of the club, which were used harmoniously and which stand out, mixed with details of the traditional bavarian costume as well as of the club and thus appears elegant and chic, but still sporty. It also offers optimal freedom of movement to deliver maximum performance in every car.


The club itself is still young (founded in 2019), nevertheless it has plenty of history to tell on its premises, because the home of the club is a listed building from 1925 that served as a home for locomotives, trains and trams for most of its life. So mobility and engines have always been part of this place. 
Also traditional are the genuine staghorn buttons on the costume, which feature the laser-engraved name of the garment: Drivers Tracht


We hope that the (honorary) members of the club, including Leopold Prince of Bavaria, Charles Gordon Lennox 11th Duke of Richmond, Albrecht Prince of Hohenzollern, Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, Jochen Mass, Walter Röhrl and Hans-Joachim Stuck , are always well dressed and always feel comfortable in our or better their own new costume!

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