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Our presence in Romania continues to grow -
Traditional costumes, outdoor fashion and a versatile team in Orad
ea & Săcueni.

Over the past 25 years, our company has continuously expanded and expanded its presence in Romania. With our established factory in Oradea as well as the recently opened production facility in Săcueni, we have not only created more efficient logistical processes, but also underlined our commitment to social responsibility and sustainability to produce traditional costumes and high-quality outdoor fashion.


The history of our commitment in Oradea began about 25 years ago, when Romania experienced a heyday of textile processing. We acquired a 7000 m² plot of land and a warehouse with administration building, and the former bakery became an important site for the production of traditional costumes and outdoor wear for men. In the 2000s, our production grew steadily to meet the increasing demand.

Romanians and Hungarians between the ages of 35 and 60 work in Oradea today. 

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has also brought us challenges. In 2020-2022, production temporarily dropped and many of our employees were urgently looking for work. Exhibitions and events had to be temporarily suspended. Nevertheless, we proved our social responsibility during this time by offering our employees support and ensuring fair working conditions.


In March 2023 we opened a new production facility in Sacueni, a town 44 km north of Oradea. Here we now produce outdoor fashion for men of the highest quality. The new facility employs around 25 people and has an impressive production capacity of around 5,000 pieces per season.


Our values of social responsibility and sustainability remain in focus. In our own production, we strictly comply with all legal regulations and EU directives. But we go beyond that and rely on fair wages that are above the legal minimum wage to ensure that all our employees can live on their income. This focus on social responsibility is also reflected in our collaboration with great master tailors who help us to produce traditional costumes of the highest quality and to respond to individual customer requests.

We are proud of our remarkable path in Romania - from logistics, production, warehouse in Oradea to the new production facility in Săcueni. Our company has proven that it not only produces high-quality traditional costumes, but also takes social responsibility and actively promotes sustainability. 

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