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Knitwear and loden made from Bavarian wool

Bavarian Wool at Schorsch Hackl
We visited the shepherd Quirin from Amerang and talked to him about his sheep and the wool.
As the LODENFREY brand, we strive to create long-lasting and timeless products that are 100% made in Europe with extensive workmanship. In order to continuously develop our products and to pursue our vision of creating a positive impact on the environment , we rely on Bavarian merino wool for our new products. Since domestic wool is not competitive in international trade, there is little knitwear made from regional new wool and merino wool from Australia, New Zealand or South America is often used. On the one hand, long transport routes have to be accepted and, on the other hand, the animals are often kept under degrading conditions.
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At MÄHDUSA, Bavarian wool is an affair of the heart. Sheep have become an integral part of our local landscape, but what are they kept for?
In addition to their role as a biological lawnmower, their wool is home to a wide variety of pollen, seeds and seeds and thus helps our meadows to grow their diverse vegetation. We want to take a closer look and together with Schorsch Hackl, the bob legend and our namesake, we drove to the shepherd Quirin in Amerang for our costume collection.
Many shepherds gave up the craft of shearing Bavarian sheep into wool a long time ago. In addition to the prices for wool, which are depressed by international competition, there is also the fact that, due to our cold winters and the high weather, the structure of the wool fibers differs significantly from that of warmer regions such as Australia and South America, and the end product has a coarse structure. Today we are used to fashion from soft fabrics, made of cashmere or synthetic fibers, and therefore the shearing of our Bavarian sheep has long been seen as a "waste product". With MÄHDUSA we want to change that and give Bavarian shearing a new, pleasant value with a lot of technical development.
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With this project we want to promote small local shepherds and people who are passionate about looking after our homeland and who focus on the welfare of the animals. We pay the shepherds fair prices for their wool and the sheep are kept in a species-appropriate way in order to support our region, to look after nature and not to exploit it.
With our cardigans by Schorsch Hackl made from Bavarian wool, we are pursuing the vision of transferring sustainability to an everyday product. The added value of virgin sheep's wool begins with carefully sorted wool, which comes from sheep grown and shorn in Bavaria, is washed without chemicals in Austria, then by the oldest Bavarian family company, which processes cloth mill flour into knitting wool and loden and in Europe into high-quality and long-lasting products is transformed.
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Shepherd Quirin
Sledging legend Georg Hackl
Hackl, Quirin and Product Manager Peter Dür
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