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The Magic Flute

Costume by Lodenfrey


Traditional costume in Alpine boarding schools is not necessarily a given, but it does happen and not necessarily rarely. Just as we have furnished the Schondorf boarding school with traditional costumes, for example, we are now doing the same for another boarding school. This time, however, a fictitional one, namely the famous Mozart boarding school in the Austrian Alps. Here a 17-year-old student who has just come from London to the prestigious music school, discovers a secret portal into the world of Mozart's Magic Flute.


The modern screen adaptation of Mozart's popular opera takes place under the direction of Florian Sigl and is produced by Christopher Zwickler. Roland Emmerichs Centropolis Entertainment is also behind the film and some big and well-known names appear in the cast. Opera and music stars such as the French soprano Sabine Devieilhe, the Franco-Mexican tenor Rolando Villazón or the American bass Morris Robinson take on roles in the music film.

The main characters are played by Jack Wolfe, known from the Netflix hit series “The Witcher” and from the London National Theater as Tim Walker and Prince Tamino, Iwan Rheon, the villain Ramsay Bolton from “Game of Thrones” plays the birdcatcher Papageno and Asha Banks takes on the role of Pamina. Also to be seen is F. Murray Abraham, who won an Oscar for his role in Amadeus, a biopic of  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, where he played the role of the composer Antonio Salieri . He has also appeared in classic films such as Inside LLewyn Davis, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Finding Forrester. The film and especially the theater actor takes on the role of the rector of the boarding school, Dr. Longbow.


With the great cast, we're really excited about the film and, of course, proud to be part of this project. Because the boys from the boarding school are all dressed in Lodenfrey. Pants, vests and jackets come from our production. With the costume designer Esther Amuser we were able to bring together the colors of the film, the images and ideas of the directors and the aspects of Austrian costume in one outfit. As we believe, we've done so very successfully! We are looking forward to the premiere soon, and the film should come to German cinemas at the end of 2022.

Incidentally, the film was to be filmed largely in Morocco. Due to the pandemic, however, the Bavaria film studios were used. We were on the set and completely amazed at how perfectly it can be imitated there. If it hadn't been winter and accordingly cool, you would have thought you were at the market in Marrakech. Other locations are Salzburg, London and the Canary Islands.
However, we don't want to reveal too much here, it's best to go to the cinema yourself next year, it will be worth it!

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